UPDATE - School to close at the end of the school day today, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that students will need to remain at home, as of Monday 23rd March, until further notice. In advice issued by the Government last night, it states that ‘every child who can be safely cared for at home, should be’.
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Young Carers

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FCC Achieve Bronze Award
Young Carers Schools Standard


What does this mean for FCC?

To achieve a Bronze Award in the School Standards, the School must evidence a dedication towards identifying young carers and supporting them as a group of vulnerable learners. This is something that Faringdon Community College, through the work of Megan Liddiard and others, has achieved whole-heartedly. Since January, the school has put in place several processes to identify and support young carers using whole family and child centered approaches. Since identifying young carers, the school has shown a commitment to supporting their needs both within the school environment and out. Faringdon Community College intends to further their support of young carers, already making significant progress toward achieving the Silver award. Faringdon Community College are an excellent example of a school supporting their young carers, and will soon be able to evidence the impact that this has made for individual young carers.


FCC Drop- in for Young Carers is every Wednesday lunchtime in the Student Support Department (off the Library)

For more information please contact Megan Liddiard 01367 240375 or 07753 186720 or