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Visions and Values

Our School Ethos



At FCC we believe that hard work and determination are the building blocks of both examination success and ultimately greater life chances. We believe that a student’s time here should be an experience to evoke a lifetime of memories, build strong friendships and be a place where creativity, innovation and resilience is nurtured and celebrated.


Our Core Values


Our core values reflect what we believe to be essential life skills, vital for our students to succeed in the wider world and their future careers be that socially, emotionally or intellectually.



At FCC we believe in a varied curriculum and the highest standards of teaching and learning. We expect our students to work hard in every lesson and strive to achieve through attention to detail and pride in their work.


At FCC we believe students make exceptional leaders and that our school community thrives through innovation. We expect our students to strive to become excellent role models for others through sport, the arts, as pastoral mentors, members of the school council, public speaking and charity involvement.


At FCC we believe resilience is the key to a happy and healthy life both at school and in the future. We aim to nurture the skills needed to deal with inevitable setbacks and challenges and foster confident, forward looking students.


  1. FCC we believe that respect for each other and the environment in which we live is paramount to our place in society. We expect all students, staff, parents and governors to respect the opinions, beliefs and differences within our school community supporting British values and the rule of law.


At FCC we believe that everyone is equal regardless of background, beliefs, culture, gender or sexual orientation. We strive to promote and ensure equality in all areas of the school community without exception.

British Values


At FCC we recognise both the importance of allowing students to flourish academically but also learn to embrace their role in a diverse society by learning to celebrate, promote and reinforce British values and the importance of mutual respect, individual liberty, democracy and the law.



FCC Values (April 2022)