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Theme of the week is: Managing your mood

The Student Councils

The Student Council is made up of representatives from each tutor group and is split into individual years. The representatives are nominated by the other students in their own tutor group. Each year group meet once a term and are facilitated by the Year Coordinator for that year. Issues which are discussed are usually concerns brought up by students in the year group, year coordinator or any member of staff. The issues raised and discussed could affect an individual year group or could be a wider school issue. Some of the following issues which been discussed at recent meetings include:


* Settling in – How are things going, what has gone well, what would make the first few weeks at FCC a little easier for Year 7.

* Homework – how much is being issued?  How are students coping?  Are they using SMHW?  How many attend HW club?  Do some subjects issue more HW than others?

* Award badges – effort, achievement, progress.

What other badges could be awarded? Is there any other way to recognise effort, achievement, progress?

* Workload/Stress Management/What do students do/plan to do to cope with the increased workload

Year representatives are made up of students nominated by the individual year councils. These students  meet with a senior member of staff at the School Council three times a year to discuss issues which have been raised by each year's Student Council.