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Theme of the week is: Communication


This course is concerned with using soft and compliant materials. Your work may be set in the context of Interior, Commercial, Theatrical or Fashion Design. You will develop skills of pattern alteration as well as pattern drafting.

In year 10 we design and make our own pyjamas from scratch including a cutting pattern and a fully lined bag influenced by Indian Culture. You will find out about how modern designers work and become familiar with many aspects of the Clothing and Textile industry.


You will be taught a wide range of skills and techniques, including decoration and construction. You will learn about the structure of textiles, as well as how to shape, join and reinforce them.

Apart from making your own designs, you will gain knowledge and understanding of designing and manufacture in the textiles industry.


A design and make assignment will be set by the exam board, typical examples are ‘design and make a fashion garment or accessory suitable for 18-23 year age range taking inspiration from “The Age of Pink” to be sold at music festivals throughout the country’.