END OF TERM - Friday 19th July. School finishes at 1:00pm.. Wishing you all a Fantastic Summer break!!!!!
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Theme of the week is: Celebration

Teaching and Learning

As a school our principle success is motivating all students to want to succeed, and thereby achieve their personal best. This can only be achieved when pupils and teachers work together to provide a stimulating teaching and learning environment.


The school’s success in this area is not accidental but derives from the high quality teaching and importance placed on learning, teaching and achievement. This is in conjunction with having a inclusive curriculum which is accessible to all. Students are involved fully in the learning process thereby promoting an active culture of learning.


Although we recognise that significant learning takes place in school we also recognise the importance of bringing learning to life. We ensure all students are given opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Students are regularly encouraged to take part in activities that equip them with new knowledge and life enhancing skills.


All our staff strive to evaluate and improve their teaching skills. FCC staff are constantly provided with a range of opportunities for professional development.