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Study skills and revision

Study skills are essential techniques to help you improve your independent learning.  Everyone, no matter what their age, can always get more efficient at learning.  Take a look at some of our top tips and try them out for yourself.  Everyone learns in a different way - it often takes trial and error to find out how you learn best.  The sooner you start practising, the better you will get at learning...


Revision"the study of information that was studied before".

When you prepare for tests and exams you will need to revise topics that you have already learnt about.  If you have used appropriate study skills when learning the information for the first time, revision should be easier.  Everyone has their own, preferred way of revising.  Use our suggestions to help you find the best method to help you lock in information so that you are best prepared for tests and exams...


Year 11 Mock Results Evening January 2024

Easter and May Revision 27.03.23