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Theme of the week is: Diversity


  • To have a strong work ethic
  • Maintain high effort levels
  • Strive for 100% attendance at lessons and morning registrations
  • Report absence to the 6th Form Student Manager either in advance (routine appointments) or on a daily basis (sickness)  
  • To sign in and out by the Sixth Form Office
  • Follow the ‘Dressed for Work’ code
  • Wear 6th Form Photo lanyard whilst on site
  • Check school Email and Pigeon Holes Daily
  • Prioritise school work over part-time employment (this should not exceed 15hrs per week)
  • Meet subject deadlines and communicate effectively with subject teachers
  • Carry out one  hour of independent study for every one hour lesson you have on your timetable  and  use your study periods during the day to ensure that you spread your workload evenly
  • Keep subject files well organised 
  • Continually back-up computerised work 
  • Embrace the Visible Leader programme