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Theme of the week is: Types of relationships


AS Sociology


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL SOCIOLOGY                        

Examining Board: AQA


Method of Assessment:

2 Exams
Unit 1 - 1 x one hour exam (Family – 5 part question)
Unit 2 - 1 x two hour exam (Education and research methods)


Course Content

3 Modules
Families and Households – relationships, changing patterns, childhood.
Education – Role, differences in achievement, relationships, policy.
Sociological Methods – sources of data, quantitative and qualitative.


Lesson Style
Sociology is unique at FCC as it is the one of only a few subjects taught by distance learning . 
Students will work through a self-supported study file and will contribute to weekly tutorials 
with the distance learning tutor at Bangor University. The course is further supplemented by 
a fortnightly tutorial where group discussion is undertaken.


Time Allocation
2 x one hour distance learning tutorials
1 x one hour ‘in-house’ seminar


Private Study Requirement
Significant demands are made for private study to compensate for just three hours of teacher 
contact. Students are expected to complete an independent study file and submit fortnightly 
assessments. This style of learning is best suited to students who have strong independent 
study skills, who are well organised and have good time management skills. Thus a Grade ‘B’ 
or above in English or English Literature is recommended as an entry requirement for the 
course. All students will keep abreast of contemporary issues by watching the news, 
documentaries and reading quality newspapers.


Advisable for the Following Careers
Any career that involves the understanding of human behaviour and working with people. 
All public services eg health, education, police, judiciary, leisure, retailing and social services.


Good Combination With
English, History, Philosophy & Ethics, Psychology, Human Biology, Human Geography


Link Tutor: Mrs M Button