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Science in Y11

Students who studied Core Science in Year 10 will move on to study Additional Science. Students who started Separate Science will continue to do so.


Additional Science - Assessment

Students will sit 3 written papers (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in June 2016 and a Centre Assessed Unit (CAU). The Centre Assessed Unit is worth 25% of the overall GCSE grade.

The Centre Assessed Unit (CAU) assesses the student’s ability to undertake a task and collect, process and evaluate data. For this, students carry out a research task based on the practical set by the exam board. This will involve students researching a suitable method for a hypothesis that they come up with themselves and undertaking a risk assessment based on the practical they will carry out. This will all take place under normal laboratory conditions. Students will then need to sit 2 written exam papers under controlled conditions based on their practical. The test asks questions concerning the data collected during the practical task as well as that provided as part of the test. The test is marked by the teacher using detailed marking guidance from the exam board. The practical task and written test will be carried out during a normal teaching day, when students will be off their normal timetable for that day.


Separate Science

In May/June 2016 students will be required to sit Biology, Chemistry and Physics papers covering the Unit 1, 2 and 3 specifications. Students will also be required to sit 3 Centre Assessed Units (CAU) covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics.