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Theme of the week is: Family and friendships


The Head of Pastoral Care at FCC is Joe Winter, Deputy Headteacher, who works closely with Megan Liddiard in Student Support, the Year Co-ordinators and external pastoral staff such as the School Nurse and the Attendance Engagement Officer for the school.


The School Nurses come into school for BodyZone once per week on a Tuesday Lunchtime where students are able to raise any concerns they may have or ask any questions in confidence of their privacy.

Picture 1 Mr Winter, Deputy Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr Adams, KS3 Assistant Headteacher
Picture 3 Mr Bew, KS4 Assistant Headteacher
Picture 4 Miss Nichols, Year 7 Co-ordinator
Picture 5 Miss Wheeler, Year 8 Co-ordinator
Picture 6 Miss Field, Year 8 Co-ordinator ( Maternity Cover)
Picture 7 Mr Jukes, Year 9 Co-ordinator
Picture 8 Mr Tribbick, Year 10 Co-ordinator
Picture 9 Mr Jhoti, Year 11 Co-ordinator
Picture 10 Mrs Budd, Pastoral Administrator
Picture 11 Mrs Liddiard, Family and Student Support
Picture 12 Mrs Long, Year 7 Pastoral Support
Picture 13 Miss Kenyon, Pastoral Support for Years 10 and 11