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At Faringdon Community College, we believe it is important to support students as a whole person; this means supporting them as individuals to reach their full potential. Whilst every staff member at FCC is there to support students, there are specific adults who are often best placed to support students in the first instance.

Every student from Year 7-13 has a form tutor who they will see every day; these tutors should be the first point of contact for any parental/carer queries or concerns. There is then a Year Coordinator (sometimes referred to as Head of Year) for Year 7-11 and then a Head of Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13). The Year Coordinators are responsible for the year group's personal and academic development.
Year 7 is supported by Miss Nichols with additional support from Mr Dipple, the Deputy Head teacher.
Year 8 and 9 are supported by Miss Greenaway-Byrne and Mr Jukes, with additional support from Mr Mark Adams (Assistant Headteacher).
Year 10 and 11 are supported by Mr Tribbick and Mr Jhoti, with additional support from Miss Wheeler (Assistant Headteacher).
Our Heads of Year are in turn supported by four full-time Pastoral Support Assistants who provide bespoke support for students with specific wellbeing and educational needs.
The child in your care may also have support from Teaching Assistants, ELSAs, Pastoral Support Assistants, their classroom teachers or other staff members that support them.
The Head of Pastoral Care at FCC is Mr Paul Dipple, Deputy Headteacher, who works closely with the staff mentioned above, as well as working with our Safeguarding Manager, our Attendance Engagement Officer, the School Health Nurse and external pastoral workers.

Mr Dipple
Deputy Headteacher

Mr Adams
Assistant Headteacher

Miss Wheeler
Assistant Headteacher

Miss Nichols
Year 7 Co-ordinator

Mrs Greenaway Byrne
Year 8 Co-ordinator

Mr Jukes
Year 9 Co-ordinator

Mr Tribbick
Year 10 Co-ordinator

Mr Jhoti
Year 11 Co-ordinator

Mrs Long
Pastoral Support

Mr McClimont
Pastoral Support

Mrs Sunley
Pastoral Support

Mrs Nobles
Pastoral Support