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Next Steps

So…. You have completed your A Levels at Faringdon Community College so what’s next!!!

The main and most common options are:

  • University
  • Apprenticeships
  • Employment
  • Gap Year

A university degree is essential for certain career paths. Studying at university provides lots of opportunities and allows you to study a particular subject that you enjoy which can lead lead you to pursue as a career. At university, you are taught by lecturers and professors who are experienced and share the same passion for your chosen subject. It is also the first step for many to independent living whilst surrounded by experienced staff to help and guide you.

For more information on university and the process, please visit:



Apprenticeships are a great way to earn money and be employed whilst gaining a qualification at the same time. There are lots of apprenticeships available which you can search for here: We also have an experienced Careers Officer who can give you guidance and support.


You may decide that going straight to work is the right choice for you. To prepare for employment, you will need to have a curriculum vitae (CV) which we can help with in Sixth Form. Our Personal Development Days we have throughout the year provide an opportunity to meet financial advisors and businesses who can give you advice on money management, preparing for work, amongst other useful tips.

Gap Year  


You may have decided that you want a year out before you make any final decisions on your next stage. Using the time to travel, volunteer and gain life experiences.

Whatever you decide, we at Faringdon Community College Sixth Form are here to help you decide and support you.