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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern languages (MFL)


The study of a modern foreign language develops the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  With the growth in travel and communication between the United Kingdom and other countries, knowledge of a modern foreign language is becoming increasingly a necessity.


FCC the Modern Languages Department provides students with the exciting challenge of learning both new skills and new cultures through a modern foreign language.  FCC offers Spanish, German and French and some students have taken GCSE and A level exams in their native language; recently we have had Chinese, Dutch, Polish and Greek candidates.  A language at GCSE counts towards the English Baccalaureate Qualification.


With each of these languages there is an option to go on an extra-curricular trip. For example students taking French in Year 8s and 9 are offered the opportunity to go to Paris and the surrounding area or with Spanish you can go to Barcelona and then the German markets is a popular trip in November.   After KS3, students can choose to study GCSE in French, German or Spanish.


Each teacher of the Modern languages department has knowledge of more than one language.


The Modern languages teachers here at FCC are:

Ms E Sanders - Subject Leader

Mrs J Aitken- Deputy subject leader with responsibility achievement P/T

Miss G Wale Soto – Teacher

Ms J Black - Teacher and MFL Curriculum support specialist P/T

Ms R Hurley- Teacher P/T

Mrs M Molloy- Teacher P/T

Mrs E Adams - Teacher P/T