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Maths department curriculum intent statement

In the Maths department we strive to create an environment that will help students to develop their confidence in the subject, enjoy using Maths and thrive, whatever their prior attainment; providing students at all levels and abilities the chance to develop their mathematical thinking. We provide all students the opportunity to build on their key numeracy skills as they enter key stage 3. We work closely with our primary colleagues to ensure a smooth transition and to share resources. We are also able to offer enrichment activities/qualifications at all key stages; entering our most gifted students, from all key stages, into the UK mathematics trust challenges, we also have students who attend weekend masterclasses at Oxford University.

While we proudly teach using a variety of different methods, we are fully stocked with Pearson (Edexcel) textbooks targeting the latest qualifications at all levels.


Key stage 3

Our key stage 3 curriculum has been adapted from the Pearson 3-year scheme of work and covers units from across the 4 main curriculum areas: Number; Algebra; Geometry and Measure; Statistics and Probability. A heavy emphasis is placed on developing problem-solving skills, across all topics, and promoting the application of mathematics. We place the students in sets, based on their ability, from the start of key stage 3 allowing us to focus more closely on the topics that will help them develop as mathematicians; we monitor students closely, amending sets regularly.


Key stage 4

In key stage 4 we build on, and extend, the work done in key stage 3 using a curriculum based on the Pearson GCSE schemes of work. Students are placed in sets according to their ability and can be entered into the Higher or Foundation tier based on their ability. The problem-solving skills developed in key stage 3 are built upon and developed as students prepare for the “using and applying mathematics” elements that have become more frequent in the latest GCSE.

Our most able students are also offered the chance to study towards a statistics GCSE in Year 10 and the AQA Further Mathematics qualification in year 11; this offers excellent preparation to those wishing to go on to study A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.


Key stage 5

We are fortunate enough to have 2 classes studying towards the Pearson AS/A level in mathematics in both year 12 and year 13. The AS/A level is split into 2 main areas; Pure mathematics includes material that may previously have been referred to as calculus, applied mathematics is divided into Mechanics and Statistics. Students are given the opportunity to practice exam questions regularly, reflect on their progress and are supported as they look to improve moving forwards.

We have separate classes in both years 12 and 13 studying towards the Pearson AS/A level further mathematics qualification. This prepares students for future degree qualifications which contain a substantial amount of mathematics; in addition to studying pure mathematics to a higher level, students can also choose to study modules from further mechanics, further statistics and decision mathematics.


In addition to our A and AS level classes we also have 2 classes of year 12 students studying towards the core mathematics qualification; this is an AS standard qualification that builds on the Higher level GCSE content and offers the opportunity to apply their learning in real life style contexts.