February Half Term - School finishes normal time. Term 4 starts on Monday 24th February - Have a lovely half term
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Theme of the week is: Celebration


The Maths department at Faringdon Community College was rated Outstanding in 2008. Our aim is to try to help students to progress so they can get the best grades. Our teaching and learning aim is to plan lessons so that students enjoy the world of Maths and problem solving.

In KS3 the students work on all new topics that they have not learnt in primary school. All the teachers will help your son/daughter until the end of year tests which will depend what set they are in in the following year.


KS4 students now sit three math papers at GCSE. There are now two different sets (foundation and higher) papers to do. KS4 students will recap what they have learnt in KS3 ready for their GCSE. It does not matter what set your child is in for Maths they will still be predicted a C+.

All students have a login to the Mathswatch website, where they can access videos, worksheets and online questions. KS4 students also have a login to the PiXL Maths app, here there are more interactive questions, and there is also a feature where it will generate questions on areas of weakness once teachers upload assessment data.


After school on a Wednesday we run a Maths club and revision sessions for year 10 which will continue into year 11.

Subject Teachers

Mr B Rutherford ( Subject Leader)

Mr A Marcucci

Miss R Smith

Miss A Le Blond

Mr S Harris

Miss A MacGlaughlin

Mrs S Galliford

Mr P Servas

Mr J Bettle (Assistant Head)