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AS Mathematics


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL MATHEMATICS                            

Examining Board: Edexcel


Course Content
Students study three modules: Core Mathematics 1, Core Mathematics 2, plus one from 
Mechanics 1 and Statistics 1


Lesson Style
Lessons are delivered using Edexcel-endorsed textbooks which include a Live Text 
CD-ROM containing worked solutions to all the questions in the book, as well as an Exam 
café feature for the revision period. Boardworks software is also used, many presentations 
including interactive demonstrations. A typical lesson would include teacher exposition, 
group discussion and time for students to work individually and collaboratively on problems.


Time allocation: 4 hours per week


Private Study Requirement
Homework/Private Study will normally be set following each taught lesson, of a similar 
duration to the lesson. Students will be given regular exam-style questions, which will be 
assessed to monitor progress.


Extra Curricular Opportunities
The Department is registered with the Wiltshire and Oxfordshire Further Maths Networks, 
and students will have the opportunity to attend lectures, master classes and challenge events 
at venues including Oxford University.


Advisable for the following careers
Study for Mathematics is an essential requirement for any student planning to follow a career 
or make further study in the fields of Science, Engineering, Financial and other similar areas.


Good Combination With
The inclusion of Mathematics AS will positively enhance any portfolio combination, but is 
particularly complementary to any student following Science, Engineering and Humanities 


Link Tutor: Mr J Bettle