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KS3 Curriculum (years 7-9)

Details of the curriculm for our KS3 students.

Pupils cover a common curriculum meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum Key Stage 3 programme of study. The range of subjects taught and the time allocated to them is shown in the table. Most subjects are taught to mixed-ability tutor groups in Y7 with ability setting in Maths. Setting in some subjects such as English, Science and languages is introduced in Y8 and Y9. We have been redesigning our schemes of work in all subjects to aid smooth progression across KS3 and onto KS4, bringing in skills they need to develop for their GCSE studies as soon as they are ready to move onto them. Some subjects have already updated schemes of work along these lines, and links to these can be found below. Others will be added as they are completed.




All students study one foreign language in KS3, with Y7s currently offered a choice of French or Spanish. Parents have the opportunity to request which language is studied although we cannot promise that all requests can be met. Most students will be entered for a national examination in this language in Y9, and can choose to continue with this language and are offered the chance to study an additional language for KS4.

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Number of hours per fortnight





English 6 5 7
Maths 6 6 6
Science 5 6 6
Design & Technology 5 5 4
History 4 4 3
Geography 4 4 3
RE 2 2 3
PE 4 4 4



5 5 6
Art 2 2 2
Music 2 2 2
Drama 2 2 2
ICT 2 3 2
Accelerated Reader 1