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Theme of the week is: Communication


AS History


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL HISTORY                              


Method of Assessment:
Two units by written examination.


Course Content

Unit 1 - Historical Themes in Breadth

The War of the Roses in England, 1455-85
The reign of , 1485-1509

Unit 2 – British History Depth Studies

The experience of Warfare in Britain: Crimea, Boer 
The First World War 1854-1929


Lesson Style

Teacher led, discussion, group work, independent reading and note taking.


Time Allocation: 4 hours per week


Private Study Requirement

6 hours per week.


Extra Curricular Activities

WW1 Battlefields Visit
Imperial War Museum Visit


Advisable for the following Careers

Law, Journalism, Teaching.


Good Combination With

Politics, English, Sociology, Psychology, Geography.


Link Tutor: Ms K Armstrong