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Theme of the week is: Democracy


Throughout years 7-9 students are brought through a journey, learning about many key periods, and many key people, from the Tudors to world scale warfare, History, even in the first few years, is interesting to say the least. It is compulsory for years 7-9, being taught 4 times every fortnight, and becomes an option subject for GCSEs.  If chosen, it will be taught 5 times a fortnight and gives opportunities such as a trip to the French battlefields of the Somme, and a GCSE that many colleges or future employers would be incredibly impressed to see.  It opens many doors for students and at FCC, the subject is always one to look forward too.


In history lessons, students will learn how to collate information and present an opinion in their work, based on historical facts they have found and remembered. What makes history quite a tough GCSE is that there is a lot of content to cover for the students, and even with an excellent range of teachers, it requires a high work ethic from the student to gather this information. Revising will also become a key factor, because it helps keep a fresh reminder of what they must know. As with most things, detail is key, and with the quality of teaching staff all across the school this can be assured!


A level history becomes even more detailed, with a constant need to push the boundaries of what is known, and how this could be differently represented. A lot of what history comes down to is how we interpret facts, so having a good ability to do so pays dividends as it allows the examiner to access your work more easily.


Subject Teachers

Mr Fletcher (Subject Leader)

Ms Armstrong (Assistant Head of Sixth Form)

Mr Jhoti (Head of Year)

Miss Field

Mrs Heath (Part Time)