END OF TERM - Friday 19th July. School finishes at 1:00pm.. Wishing you all a Fantastic Summer break!!!!!
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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Faringdon Community College


Faringdon Community college is a very popular 11 to 18 mixed comprehensive school situated on the edge of Faringdon, a picturesque market town in rural Oxfordshire.  The school occupies a large attractively landscaped site with an excellent range of specialist accommodation and facilities. We believe that school should be hard work with the ultimate goal of examination success, but we also believe that it should be exciting and fun.


My priorities are simply these: excellent examination outcomes, impeccable behaviour, great teaching and the widest possible range of high quality extra-curricular experiences for all students. 


With a clear focus and lots of hard work, these things are all achievable and will deliver what I think most parents want, happy children who leave school with plenty of choices available to them and who are well-equipped to cope with the world outside. School should be an experience to evoke a lifetime of memories and friendship.


We think that it is important for staff and students to feel a part of the organisation and be involved at all levels. One of the ways we do this is through our ‘Visible Leaders’ programme in school, which has two strands and is currently in its third year. One aspect of ‘Visible Leaders’ uses the experience of the senior team where they visit students in lessons on a daily basis to engage with them, monitoring their effort and progress. The second aspect involves the 6th form students. They have attached themselves to a department and spend at least I hour a week in that department supporting students from all year groups with their school work. This initiative is not only designed to help students with their academic work but will also help develop positive relationships between staff and students. I believe over time it will have a significant impact on the school and the students.


I am very proud to be the Head Teacher of FCC and you are welcome to come and join us.



Colin Proffitt, Headteacher

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