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GCSE results 2019

Congratulations to our GCSE cohort of 2019 on achieving a fantastic set of results.


Our students worked hard, as did the teachers and there were lots of individual success stories including 16 students who achieved 10 or more Grade 7 and above (or equivalent) and the 35 students who had individual progress scores of greater than +1 (i.e. they achieved more than a grade higher in each of their qualifications than they would be expected to based on their prior attainment).


174 students achieved 1604 qualification between them!

Highlights include:


  • 71% of pupils achieving a standard pass (grade 4 or above) in English and mathematics
  • 52% of pupils achieving a strong pass (grade 5 or above) in English and mathematics
  • 54% of pupils entering for the Ebacc
  • 26% of pupils achieving the EBacc
  • 76% of entries were awarded Grade 4 or above
  • 29% of entries were awarded Grade 7 or above


Our students have made better than expected progress, with a provisional Progress 8 score of +0.22. And an Attainment 8 score: 52.5