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Theme of the week is: Types of relationships

French & German

AS French & German


Course Accreditation: AS FRENCH / GERMAN    

Examining Board : AQA


Method of Assessment
Students are examined on their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. There is no 
written coursework, but in the speaking exam, they will deliver a short presentation on a 
topic or issue of interest to them and discuss it with their teacher examiner.


Course Content 
4 topics are studied each year, each divided into 3 sub-topics:
AS Level
Popular Culture 
Healthy Living / Lifestyle
Family / Relationships


Lesson Style 
Lessons conducted as far as possible in the target language, and listening, reading, speaking 
and writing skills developed through the topics studied.


Time allocation: If groups are very small they are usually allocated 4-6 hours 
per fortnight taught time. More time is allocated to larger groups.


Private Study Requirement
Ideally students should aim to complete 1 hour of extra self-study for every hour taught. 
Realistically students should complete 5 hours of extra self-study per fortnight. A study-skills 
booklet is issued to all students with a self-study log to be completed on a fortnightly basis.
Homework is also set.


Extra Curricular Opportunities:
Possible trips with the Comenius organisation; language study days in London or Bristol each 
Spring; community service opportunities exist by assisting with younger French classes;
Language Leader award exists, but has not yet been set up; possibility of work experience 
abroad if time and work commitments allow.


Good Combination With
Will positively enhance any portfolio combination.


Advisable for the following careers: 
Countless opportunities for good linguists, including: Business, Communication, Education, 
Government Services, Humanities and Arts, Sciences, Technology and Travel Services.


Link teacher : Mrs E Sanders