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Food Technology

Food is vital to all of us. In this course you will learn about its importance, its quality, appeal, texture, taste and nutritional value.


Food is a material in the sense that it has physical and chemical characteristics which can be changed when mixed and heated. It can be controlled, processed and preserved. You will be taught how to hygienically manipulate and process food using known techniques and experimentation. You will learn about the modern food industry - large scale production, labelling, packaging and marketing.


This course contains a significant practical element. Therefore to successfully participate students need to be highly motivated and organised to provide ingredients on a frequent basis throughout the two year course.


A design and make assignment will be set by the exam board. Typical major projects could include:


  • Design and make a new dish as part of an anti-allergens range.
  • Design and make a new dish to extend a celebrations range.
  • Design and make a new dish promoting new and interesting ways with vegetables.