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Film Studies

AS Film Studies


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL FILM STUDIES    

Examining Board: WJEC

Method of Assessment

Coursework: Analysis of film sequences and practical: making a short film.

Exam: Producers and Audiences (the Cinema business) and close study of British Film.


Course Content

FM1: Analysing and using film-making techniques. Study of genre and narrative in 
British Cinema

FM2: Study of the cinema industry


Lesson style

A wide variety of styles are used, including teacher led explorations, student presentations 
close in-class analysis of films, practical film-making sessions.


Time Allocation: 8 hours per fortnight


Private Study Requirement

Coursework is drafted and revised independently. Students are expected to have a 
voracious appetite for films, including those beyond their own habitual tastes. 
Independent research is required throughout the course.


Advisable for the following careers

Careers in film/media/performing arts. Film studies utilises a wide range of skills which 
are widely applicable.


Good Combination With

Theatre studies students often find Film Studies a useful complement.


Link Tutors: Dr G Watson