UPDATE - School to close at the end of the school day today, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that students will need to remain at home, as of Monday 23rd March, until further notice. In advice issued by the Government last night, it states that ‘every child who can be safely cared for at home, should be’.
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Theme of the week is: Easter/ Celebration

Faringdon Partnership of Schools

Faringdon Partnership of Schools

Our partnership schools are: Buckland, Longcot and Fernham, Longworth, John Blandy, Watchfield, Ashbury, Faringdon Junior School, Faringdon Infant School, Shellingford and Shrivenham.

We also have feeder schools not in the Partnership who we have intake from: Stanford in the Vale and Uffington.

FCC works extensively with the schools in the Partnership throughout the academic year and in the summer holidays.

The headteachers from the Faringdon Partnership schools meet on a regular basis and agree joint actions.


Engineering Specialism Support

There is a strong Engineering Programme which has taken place between FCC and the Partner Primary Schools very successfully for since 2003. Throughout the year FCC Staff go into the primary schools to run our Junior Engineering Programme. Our staff spend 4 weeks at each school running either a Robotics/Mechanism or Animation programme. These modules are specifically designed to provide extensive curriculum support – most notably ICT and DT – through practical learning.

In addition to these programmes FCC offers an extensive programme of Engineering related activities onsite which students from the Partner Primaries are invited to attend; these include STEM Flight Days for Year 5 students, Design and Technology events for Year 3s and a Gifted and mastery challenge days.

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