Year 7 COURTHILL WELCOME MEETING. Thursday 19th September.
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Theme of the week is: Self Esteem

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Every year Faringdon Community College welcomes around 30 – 35 international students from the Defence Academy in Watchfield. The majority of these students are from non-English speaking countries and attend school here for one year. In addition we have a number of permanent students who are learning English as an additional language.

Some of our EAL students arrive with very little English, whilst others may have been learning English for some years. An assessment is carried out soon after arrival to determine whether students will need additional support with English. We offer support to those students who need it through EAL lessons. We normally have three mixed-age EAL groups: the first for students at the early stages of learning English; the second for those with a basic level of everyday English and the third for those who are more advanced, but who still need help with the academic language needed for reading and writing at Secondary School. 

Students learn English in all lessons, not just EAL lessons. Parents can help by ensuring students have their own bilingual dictionary so that they can translate and note down key words and phrases in lessons. It is also important to encourage students to read in English to build up vocabulary. We have a selection of graded readers that students can borrow from the EAL base.