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e-safety Programme of Study


As part of the transition period from Year 6 to Year 7, the Student Acceptance Policy is sent to all parents and students.


Year 7

At the start of Year via IT and Computing lessons, year 7 students are taught a series of Information Technology ‘life skills’ which involve:

  • Using the College Network securely
  •  Using e-mail appropriately, including e-mail etiquette
  • E-Safety including cyber bullying
  • Creation of an Internet Safety Desktop Wallpaper
  • Use of the Internet SMART electronic guide


Year 8

Students are taught search the Internet, using search engines efficiently and how to identify websites where information is reliable, non-biased and valid.

This then culminates in the creation of a multimedia interactive presentation aimed at Year 7s which discusses the pros and cons of Social networking sites, using information they have researched and judges as relevant.

During a Web Design unit students create their own website and review the risks of using the Internet.


Years 9, 10 and 11

All students work towards a GCSE equivalent qualification in Level 2 ICT. Within the programme of study units of work on E-safety and Internet Safety are reviewed and covered more in depth; along with the legalities surrounding data and its protection and copyright laws are covered; as well as how to protect information from loss, theft and corruption.


Additional Provision

Cyber-bullying, Social Networking and Internet Safety also form part of the Citizenship Programme and Year Assemblies throughout the academic year.


More Information

Faringdon Community College provides a basic grounding in e-safety for all students, however, to support this provision for parents and carers, we have listed below some websites which offer more information on some of the risks associated with the usage of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Social networking websites.


These may be of interest parents and carers looking for more information on the different aspects of E-Safety.