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Courses and UCAS points

The following lists show the UCAS points associated with the range of qualifications currently delivered in the FCC 6th Form.


A Levels

Students take AS (Advanced Subsidiary) module exams at the end of Year 12. Students then go on to take A2 modules in Year 13 and these modules together with the AS modules make up the full ‘A’ Level. The following table indicates the grades and the associated UCAS (university acceptance points):


Grade AS Level (QCA in brackets) A Level(QCA in brackets) UCAS points by grade
A* - 140 (300)
A 60 (135) 120 (270)
B 50 (120) 100 (240)
C 40 (105) 80 (210)
D 30 (90) 60 (180)
E 20 (75) 40 (150)


OCR National Certificate

Distinction 120
Merit 80
Pass 40


BTEC National Award

BTEC National Award
Health & Social Care, Music Technology
UCAS Points (QCA in brackets)
Distinction 120 (270)
Merit 80 (225)
Pass 40 (165)