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Theme of the week is: Types of relationships


AS Computing


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL COMPUTING     


Examining Board: AQA


Method of Assessment
A 2 hour on-screen exam which covers Unit 1 and a 1 hour written exam which covers 
Unit 2.


Course Content
Unit 1 (60%)

Unit 2 (40%)


Lesson Style
A mix of: practical lessons using the computers and theory based lessons where there will be 
some teacher explanation, class discussion and a requirement for pupils to research and find 
information for themselves.


Time Allocation: 8 hours per fortnight


Private Study Requirement
Pupils will be required to spend about an hour doing private study for each hour of class 
time. They will have some theoretical homework tasks and will need to work on their 
programming tasks outside of lesson time.


Extra Curricular Opportunities
Visit Bletchley Park


Advisable for the following careers
This course forms a good foundation for a wide range of careers in the IT sector 
(programming, network administration, web site design, business analysis, …), as well as many 
other careers that involve the use of IT.


Good in combination with
Maths and Physics in particular but would complement any choices of AS levels.


Link Tutor: Mrs L Sherriff