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We installed a cashless catering system in June 2014. The new system will allow us to continue with the development of the school meal service, and will provide us with a more efficient, faster and ultimately better quality of service. In short, we hope to significantly reduce the time our pupils spend queuing for meals and snacks at break and lunchtime and provide parent and guardians with greater oversight of meals taken in school.


The system that we have chosen incorporates the latest technology and eliminates the need for pupils to carry cash throughout the day thus reducing the risk of bullying, theft or loss of money. It is also biometric technology so there is no need for pupils to carry a card as the system will recognise the thumb of your child at the revaluation pay points and at the tills.


We require the consent of at least one parent in order that the biometric information of your child can be processed. Please download and return the consent form to FCC.