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Careers and Work Experience




I would like to introduce you to  'Find Your Future'  a online careers platform for young people. You can find information and inspiration about your child's future under one 'virtual roof':


You can:


  • Explore the different employment sectors available in Oxfordshire 
  • Connect with local and national employers
  • Research post 16/18 options including colleges, apprenticeships, T Levels and universities 
  • Discover tips on the skills employers are looking for, CV writing and how to succeed at interviews  


I hope that you will find this interesting and useful.  As this is a new venture any feedback would be much appreciated so that we can develop and expand the site.


Here is the link:





We spend an average of 40 years working. Imagine what it must be like to spend that time wishing that you were doing something different. That is why having support, information and advice about college courses, university and employment is so important in helping our students make appropriate and well-informed choices about their future at each stage of their school journey.


At FCC we are committed to using a variety of learning experiences to help students manage the key decision points in their lives. Students receive careers education throughout their time at school which is sound preparation towards making informed choices about the next learning or employment stage.


What do we offer?


We hold an annual careers fair where both education providers and employers attend in order for the students to make valuable contacts and to raise awareness of the available opportunities.




We have careers information in the library for all students to access and we offer software programmes to help with research into future career and study pathways


USEFUL WEBSITE- (the license code is SN77LB). With accurate information on over 1400 jobs including live labour market information and wealth of impartial information on education and employment choices.


Year 9

Students and their parents/ carers will receive support and advice in choosing their GCSE options.

USEFUL WEBSITE- articles/zrjh92p.

USEFUL WEBSITE- Lots of videos and blogs from a wide variety of people talking about the jobs that they do. And a quiz to match you to different careers.


Year 10

In Year 10 students will have the opportunity to take part in taster days for both sixth form and for a local further education college.

They can also take part in a week of work experience in the summer term.


USEFUL WEBSITE- ( password is tasklist72) Designed to help match ideas, strengths and interests with different careers through a fun quiz and videos and blogs.


Year 11


Year 11 students will receive individual guidance in making their post 16 decisions on study and employment. They will also be able to take part in visits to local further education colleges and apprenticeship workshops.

USEFUL INFORMATION- booklet for students and parents/carers with information about post 16 choices.

Year 12


Our Year 12 students take part in a Post 18 workshop where they will explore the world of work including CV writing, interview practice and job seeking skills. 


USEFUL INFORMATION- booklet for students and parents/ carers with information about post 18 choices.

Year 13


Tutors provide individual support in writing personal statements for university and those that decide to enter employment continue to take part in activities to help them decide what career is right for them.


USEFUL WEBSITE- All you need to know about applying to university and how to choose where to go.


USEFUL WEBSITE- Find out what you need to do to become an apprentice and how to find out what employers can offer. There is information for potential employers as well.


Your careers advisor at FCC is Tina Belcher who can be contacted on 01367 240375 or

I am always happy to talk either face to face or by phone or email to students and/or their parents/carers. If any local employers would like to discuss offering work experience placements or an apprenticeship please get in touch as well.


The school measures and assesses the impact of school careers programme by regular evaluations from students and education/employment providers and by tracking the students both post 16 and post 18 to confirm destinations and to offer further support if needed.


Percentage of students staying in education or employment after KS4 (2023 cohort) is 100%.


We are proud to hold the Investors in Careers Award in recognition of the high standard of careers education offered to our students.


We are proud to hold the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Award for the support offered to young people seeking an apprenticeship.

 Tina Belcher
Careers Adviser

Tel: 01367 240375

Careers Advisor                             Tina Belcher

Careers Lead                                  Maria Button




Part Time Work

This information will be reviewed on an annual basis.  Next review December 2024.