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Theme of the week is: Communication

Business Studies

AS Business Studies


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL BUSINESS STUDIES      

Examining Board: AQA


Method of Assessment

Examination (100%)


Course Content
The course will enable students to see business from several points of view, such as those of
the owners, managers, customers and employees. They will learn about the problems and 
decisions facing large and small businesses and gain practical skills in making a success of 
businesses. They will gain an understanding of business issues and theories. There will be 
opportunities for students to apply that knowledge to real business cases. Students will 
study Business Ownership and Objectives, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, People in 
Organisation, Operations Management and the Business Environment.


Lesson Style
A mix of curriculum and case study based lesson practice. Adding in experience from the 
wider community and key stakeholder experiences.


Time allocation: 4 hours per week


Private Study Requirement
It is expected that all students will read around the subject and complete all tasks and set 
homework. A grasp and understanding of the developing world and economic climate is also 
key to personal development


Advisable for following careers
Business and Management, Economics, Accounting and Marketing. Increasing numbers of 
universities are offering Business as a joint degree with any other subject. It is also good 
preparation for a career in business, banking, insurance or accounting.


Good Combination With
Any AS subject


Link Tutor: Mr N Baldwin