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Business Studies


Business Studies is the cornerstone to which todays society succeeds or fails. As such, it has never been as important today (and tomorrow) to have an understanding of the way in which the commercial cogs turn.

Both KS4 and KS5 provides transferable skills allowing students a smooth transition from an educational environment to a work environment, by providing an insight to a multitude of business sectors and departments. It also allows students to progress towards their university potential.

At Faringdon Community College, students studying business will develop a range of life skills including; enhancing team working, problem solving, independent learning and communication skills whilst instilling confidence in our students to make themselves stand out in a competitive working environment. Students will take a proactive part in their studies by maintaining a good understanding of current affairs and applying this to their studies on the impact of the external environment on business. Business Studies will also nurture their creative side in understanding, analysing and even developing marketing and promotional campaigns. Within the curriculum and as part of their financial development, we will probe their financial and develop their understanding of personal finance in the form of; mortgages, lending, savings, cashflow and investments. Students will also have the opportunity to look into the recruitment process from the side of an employer and this will improve their position to gain employment or continue into further education.

We believe that at Faringdon Community College, Business Studies is a dynamic and continually changing environment. As such, we believe that it’s not only essential for tutors to remain on top of development, but also that student develop an awareness of the Political, Economic, Social and Technological happenings around them.  

At KS4 we offer both GCSE and a Cambridge National course. Once into 6th form, we can offer potential students AS/A level Business or even A level Economics.



Economics is the science by which the world has seen itself develop through the 20th and now 21st Century. With its theoretical approach, it is the cause for all our economic and social successes but equally for the failures that permeate society. Dated in places but like the dynamic environment in which it sits, it continues to evolve, develop and shape society.

At Faringdon Community College, we aim to develop enquiring minds and is a fantastic subject for those who are curious about what goes on around them.  Economics is arguably the most powerful of the social sciences. Its principles provide students with unparalleled analytical tools to interpret the world around them and to shine a light on all of the great challenges that face humanity – how to grow economies, tackle unemployment, grapple with environmental issues, reduce crime and even understand demographic change. 

We will explore economic issues such as inequality, immigration and how we should pay for healthcare.  We will discuss the potential effects of current issues such as Brexit and how it affects not only our economy, but our daily lives and future opportunities.


We aim to develop essential skills such as analysing and interpreting data, building rational and logical arguments and making clear, convincing judgements. Economics combines both creativity and rational thought and students will confidently use a wide range of mathematical skills and balance these with strong communication skills, both written and verbal.  

This blend of essential skills will not only enable Economics students to leave Faringdon Community College 6th form prepared for success in a wide range of careers but equip them with a lifelong thirst for knowledge and greater understanding of the world around them.


Economics is only available as an A level.