Year 13 Parents evening - Thursday 14th November 2019 - 4:30pm - 6:30pm
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Theme of the week is: The Rule of Law


AS Level Fine Art


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL FINE ART    


Method of Assessment:
60% Coursework from September till January.
40% exam February till early May includinga 10 hours final realisation.


Course Content:
One main project and a portfolio. Students are advised to complete Life drawing classes
after school.


Lesson style:
Pupils will improve on their skills and learn new techniques such, as learning how to use the printing press, life drawing and making a canvas. Students will have structured lessons during the first half of component one (coursework). One to one guidance will be given and group discussions will take place.

Time Allocation: 3 hours per week

Private Study Requirement:
On going coursework. Minimum of 4-6 hours a week.


Extra Curricular Opportunities:
A residential trip every 2 years and trips to Art Galleries.
Life drawing.


Good Combination With:
An excellent combination with most A Levels.

Link Tutors: Miss S. Robins