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On this page you will find full details of our school admissions policy, including our criteria for admissions, how to apply for a place at our school and our oversubscription criteria. You will also find information about how you can find out more about our admissions policy and how to appeal if you are unhappy with the school place you are offered for your child.


Copy of our admissions policy

Faringdon Community College is a comprehensive school and we are committed to the highest of standards in all aspects of our work and the attainment of our students. We believe in equality of opportunity and do not select students according to ability.


Timetable for school admissions application process


Key Admission Dates 


31st October 2019 - closing date for on-time applications

1 March 2020 - letters (and email if you applied online) offering a school place will be dispatched on this date

March 2020 - deadline for response forms, putting names on continued interest (waiting) lists, adding new preferences or making late applications

March 2020- start considering late applications and waiting lists.


Late applications

To apply after 31st October 2019, you need to complete a secondary application form as soon as possible. You should also explain why you were unable to make the application on time.


If you are unhappy with the place you have been offered, you can appeal this through the Admissions Appeals process, via Oxfordshire County Council. Further details are available on their website.

Making Choices for Year 6 Parents                                                                                                              



Each year we invite Year 6 parents from our feeder schools to attend an Open Evening in October where they have an opportunity to look around the College and talk to staff. This is followed by a week of 'The College In Action' where there is an opportunity for a guided tour of the College during a normal working morning and to talk to students in class.

During September/October we organise school visits by Year 6 students.

By 31st October 2019 Admission forms have to be returned to OCC.


Y6 Transfer Procedure

We work to the following timetable for transfer of primary level pupils to join us at FCC:



Welcome letters from FCC outlining activities to support smooth transfer.


Transfer documents to Primary Schools.


Parents Welcome Pack

Parent/Guardian Page

Information on our cashless system

Biometric registration form for our cashless system


Information Pack for Y6 Parents

Primary Liaison Coordinator meets Y6 students in primary schools

17 June 2020 - Y5 Parents' Evening at FCC


1 July 2020 - Y6 Parents' Evening at FCC 

7 and 8 July 2020 - scheduled Year 6 visit to experience FCC.


Arrangements for a Mid-Year Transfer

(other than a move from primary to secondary phase)


If you are considering applying for a place at FCC as a ‘Mid Year Transfer’ (transfer other than at primary to secondary phase), please contact the college reception initially (01367 240375 / and ask for a college prospectus to be sent to you. You can also request to have a tour of the college which will be arranged with either Mr J Winter (Deputy Headteacher) or the prospective student’s Head of Year. All applications must be made through Oxford County Council. If places are available, a place will be offered and a start date can be identified, college transport can be arranged and subject choices organised. Uniform should be purchased at PMG Schoolwear before the start date. Our maximum number for each year group is as follows:


Year Group Maximum Numbers
7 270
8 240
9 240
10 240
11 240


On starting, new students will be met at reception by the relevant form tutor, Head of Year or a member of the tutor group. They will be assigned to a student to ‘shadow’ for the first few days enabling them to get their bearings before an individual timetable is finalised and issued. A student planner will be provided which lists all of the college rules and expectations and a settling in checklist will be provided.


For any further information please contact Mr J Winter – Deputy  Headteacher – Care & Guidance on 01367 240375 or email