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Able and Ambitious

At FCC we have rebranded the concept of 'Gifted and Talented' to as 'Able and Ambitious'. This is to recognise that all students can and should be stretched and challenged and that latent giftedness or procession of talents does not always mean that students achieving or exceeding their potential.  Therefore, there is less focus on prior attainment and more attention placed upon the individuals interests,

enthusiasm and efforts by each student on a case by case basis.


Able and Ambitious ( A&A ) students recognised by individual departments as those who work hard to make excellent progress and/or achieve outstanding achievement as a result of effort.  There are many and varied ways that these students needs can be catered for - within lessons, as part of extra-curricular activities and out of school events. By KS4, students who are expected to achieve the highest grades and identified and coached so that their individual needs can be catered for.  Students who aspire to apply to study at a Russell Group University are supported through trips, resources and workshops.


We strive to support the academy and offer enrichment, opportunities for Primary School students through a varied programme of events throughout the year.  In order to raise the profile of the Ethos of ( A & A) throughout the school a team of staff - Rachael Mariam, Rhian Field - work closely with Joe Bettle ( Assistant Head for Raising Standards)