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A Level results 2017

A Level results 2017


This year has seen the first of the new style A Level exams taken by our students.  Each A Level's content has been revised with the major change being that the exams are linear, i.e.:  taken at the end of the two year course.  We are delighted with our A level results and pleased for the students who have risen to the challenge and adapted to the change.  So much of this is down to the hard work and determination of the students and staff, alongside the invaluable support of parents and carers.  We are thrilled that so many of our students have secured their desired university places and that a significant percentage of these places are at Russell Group universities.  We wish all of the FCC alumni of 2017 every success in their life beyond Faringdon!


A2/A Level results

%A*-A - 23%

%A*-B - 53%

%A*-E - 99%


Some notable student performances


Robyn Bunting:  2A*  2A

Reuben Morris-Dyer:  1A*  2A  1B

Alex Hancock:  2A*  1A  1B

Lottie Allum:  1A*  2A  1B

Kate Robbins:  1A*  2A  1B

Olivia King:  4A



6th Form students receiving their A Level results - August 2017