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Theme of the week is: Lifestyles

World Development (AS)

Theme 1: Development, Resources and Global Citizenship


  • Key topics discussed: human needs, human rights, population explosion, global interdependence, sustainable development, strategies for economic development


  • Questions asked include:
    • What is the earth’s carrying capacity?
    • Can African poverty be eradicated?
    • Is Shell a sustainable company?
    • What are my basic human rights?


Theme 2: Poverty and Inequality


  • Key topics discussed: relative poverty, inequality, vulnerability, indicators of development, international debt, Aborigine inequalities in Australia, the role of the United Nations
  • Questions asked include:
    • Is someone in poverty in the UK better off than someone in poverty in Ghana?
    • Is Fair Trade a solution to global inequality or does it make things worse?
    • What is the best way to compare quality of life between nations?



A two hour exam will conclude the course covering both theme one and two. The exam will be worth 70% of the total mark.


A coursework portfolio will also be produced which is worth 30% of the AS marks. This consists of three 500 word analyses of relevant articles and a 1000 word essay on inequalities.

Students will be able to continue World Development to A2 level in year 12 at FCC. Alternatively they may wish to ‘cash-in’ their AS level and study Geography or other A-level courses in year 12.