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Travel and Tourism (BTEC)

BTEC Travel and Tourism offers students the chance to study a specific area of Geography. The course combines the topic of tourism from Geography with some aspects of Business Studies such as company organisation and customer service. The BTEC qualification is equivalent to 1 GCSE grades of C or above if passed at Level 2, and could result in a Merit (1 x B) or Distinction (1 x A). A Level 1 pass is available to those students who do not meet the Level 2 criteria, equivalent to a D grade at GCSE. The course is largely coursework based and is assessed throughout the 2 year programme by completing a number of assignments. 4 different units are studied, 1 of which is assessed through an external exam (equivalent to 25%) with the 3 other units assessed through a number of assignments making up the remaining 75%.


Unit 1: The UK Travel and Tourism Sector

This unit will provide learners with a broad overview of the UK travel and tourism industry so that they can appreciate its diversity, interrelationships and complexity. This unit is assessed through an external exam.


Unit 2: UK Travel and Tourism Destinations

This unit studies the UK Tourism industry, focusing on the wide variety of holidays that can be taken in the UK.


Unit 4: International Travel and Tourism Destinations

Unit 4 studies tourism across the world, focusing on ‘Appeal’ - what makes different groups of people want to travel to different locations.


Unit 6: Travel and Tourism Customer Experience

The final unit focuses on customer service, studying what makes customers have a positive experience while on holiday.


This course is not recommended as suitable preparation for A level Geography but may be an interesting and accessible way for some students to achieve a level 2 qualification in this area.