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Theme of the week is: self esteem

Student Support

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The Student Support Department forms part of the Pastoral Team at FCC


The Student Support Coordinator is Megan Liddiard.

The department is open daily to students of all ages from 8am until 4.30pm.


Student Support Offers:

Pastoral Care
We aim to offer an environment where students can feels safe, nurtured and able to flourish. We have several regular lunchtime clubs which are very popular.

Tuesday Lunch Club
Wednesday Young Carers Club
Thursday Lunch Club


Students have a large variety of activities available to them at all our Student Support Clubs:

* Airfix * Board Games * Glass Painting
* Lego * Puppets * Crafting
* Card Making * Needlecrafts  

Students are supported with various issues on a 1-2-1 basis. Students experiencing difficulties at home or school are guided through their experience often involving and working alongside parents.

FCC run a network of help for students through our ‘Student Support Helpline’. This is a way of students communicating to us if they are worried about something: they can text, email or place a note in the Student Support box. This has proven very successful in early intervention.


Fortnightly multi-agency meetings addressing and supporting the needs of vulnerable students and their families also take place. These meetings involve representatives from FCC SEN department, FCC Behaviour Team, Social Services, School Health Nurse, Oxfordshire Young Carers, Police, County and Local Youth Service.


Our Team

Megan Liddiard (Families & Student Support Coordinator, Child protection, Domestic Abuse Champion & Young Carers Lead)
Colin Proffitt (Headteacher, Child Protection)