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Theme of the week is: Celebration 🎉

Sixth Form Staff

To help you to explore your options you can talk to the sixth form link teachers below:

Art Miss S Robins
Biology Miss S Dickenson
Business Studies Mr N Baldwin
Chemistry Mr J Butler
Computing Mrs L Sherriff 
DT Electronics/Engineering Mr D Scott
DT Product Design Mr N Jukes
DT Food Technology Mrs G Green 
Economics Mr N Baldwin
English Language & Literature Mrs House
English Literature Mrs House
Film Studies Mr H Bew
French/German Mrs E Sanders
Geography Mrs M Button
Health and Social Care Ms N Lewis
History Ms K Armstrong
IT Mrs Sherriff / Mr Spoors
Maths/Further Maths Mr S Harris
Music Technology Mr J West
Physics Mrs D Golton
Psychology Mrs R Heath
PE Miss C Davis
Philosophy & Ethics Mrs R Floyd
Sociology Mrs M Button
Spanish Miss L Simpson
Textiles Mrs K Thomas
Theatre Studies Miss J Nicholls

Enrichment Studies

Critical Thinking Mr Butler and Mr Wilson
General Studies Mr D Wilson
Photography Miss N Thomas
World Development Mrs C Viner


Sixth Form Leadership Team




Director of Key Stage 5 Ms M Button Standards/Teaching & Learning/Strategic Development
Head of Sixth Form Kate Armstrong Pastoral Head/Post 18/Lead Tutor/Citizenship/PSHE
Sixth Form Student Manager Kate Berwick Student Welfare/Student & Tutor Support/Attendance/Assistant Citizenship & PSHE/Trips & Socials


Sixth Form Post 18 Options




Careers Advisor Tina Belcher Work Experience/Careers Advice