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Faringdon Community College is an inclusive school. We strive to create an environment in which students with special educational needs and disabilities feel fully integrated into the school community. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to students with SEND, where they are challenged to achieve success, while being provided with support in the classroom and from a range of interventions and provisions.

Our Vision

For all students with special educational needs and disabilities to feel valued and included as an integral part of the school community. Inclusive, high-quality teaching adapted to need enables students with SEND to progress and achieve in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them.

SEND provision at Faringdon Community College falls broadly into three categories:


Universal support should be available to all learners through good quality, inclusive teaching which considers the needs of all the students in the classroom. This includes creating an inclusive learning environment and adapting the work provided.


Targeted support is specific, additional, and time-limited intervention for some students who need support that is different from - or additional to - the support that is generally provided. This can include intervention for difficulties with social understanding, social communication skills or emotional regulation, as well as for literacy and numeracy.

Targeted interventions are usually aimed at a group of students with similar needs.


Specialist support is a highly personalised provision for a small percentage of students who require a high level of additional or specialised support in order to address their needs.

School Provision Map

SEND Information Report

Our SEND Information Report gives further information about how we support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. This includes information on the kind of needs that are provided for at our FCC; how we identify and assess pupils with possible SEND needs; how FCC evaluates the effectiveness of the SEND provision; how pupils with special educational needs are assessed and reviewed as well as information about our SEND team.

SEND Information Report

Additional Information

SEND Report to Governors
SEND Policy

Accessibility Policy

Information and Support for Parents

Oxfordshire Guidance for Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support, Oxfordshire County Council
SEND Local Offer, Oxfordshire County Council

SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice & Support Service)

Family Information Service, Oxfordshire County Council