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Theme of the week is: self esteem

Home School Link Worker

HSLW for Faringdon Academy of Schools is Sharon Fearon

Sharon will be available during the week supporting all the Academy schools.

By the very nature of her role in the community the HSLW’s office is based at Watchfield but she is often out in the community visiting the people who need her support.

She is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00-4.30pm.

Contact by email:


The role of the Home School Link Worker is to support and assist the school community within the Faringdon Academy of Schools by offering support to parents, carers and children where issues are likely to or are affecting a child and their performance at school.

We can provide help and support during times of transition throughout a child’s school life and offer support during times when a problem either within or outside the school becomes an issue where you feel you need help and support.


The HSLW is not a counselling service but we can offer initial support and sign posting to professional agencies best suited to the individual needs of the person affected.

Every child and situation is different and children change during their development. It is difficult to know how to deal with situations during these times unless you are lucky enough to have every child the same and you have learnt from your own experiences first. If not then your HSLW could be the support and information point you could use.


HSLW Aims:

  • Encourage communication skills within the family and school
  • Help with accessing new skills and learning
  • Listening to problems
  • Helping parents to understand aspects of the statement process or other issues
  • Giving support and helping parents find skills and techniques for dealing with children and their development changes
  • Advocacy-support at meetings
  • Drop in sessions so people can share their concerns
  • Encouraging regular school attendance and involvement within school
  • Providing information
  • Setting up group activities if there is a need
  • Provide links and referrals for other professional agencies if appropriate
  • Help those who need to receive family support
Picture 1 Sharon Fearon