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Week 21

Reflecting upon the week just gone, one of the stand out events was the Year 7 RE trip to the Hindu mandir in Wembley, London. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to leave the school grounds and see our students conduct themselves with maturity, interest and respect in a very unfamiliar setting. Our RE department have run this trip for several years now and it is a really important opportunity for our students to experience and develop their knowledge and understanding of a very different culture's traditions and values.

I was delighted to attend year group assemblies all week and join the students in the theme of 'celebration'.  This was marked by the handing out of over 200 badges to acknowledge 100% attendance.  Any student who achieves this deserves recognition and reward and I am also very grateful for parents and carers' support to help this happen too! Many studies have shown that there is an indisputable link between high attendance and achievement at school. For example, in February 2015, a Department for Education report noted that for KS4 students, "Specifically, pupils with no absence are 1.5 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs A*-C or equivalent and 2.8 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs A*-C or equivalent including English and mathematics than pupils missing 15-20% of KS4 lessons."  Reason enough to encourage students to strive to have the best possible attendance.


I also enjoyed meeting many Year 10 parents and students at the very well attended Year 10 Parents' Evening and it was pleasing to hear about individuals' progress across a wide range of their GCSE subjects.  I know that Miss Wheeler, Year 10's Head of Year, is always keen to find out about her students' successes out of school too, so please do keep us informed of any other accomplishments so that we can celebrate these too.

Looking forward - whilst many of the staff and students will be enjoying a break over the February half term, I know that Miss Nichols and Miss Whenray will be hard at work with over 100 cast members, putting the finishing touches to this year's school production, "Back to the 80s".  I've got my ticket and whilst I may not be wearing neon leg warmers to the production myself I can guarantee that the event will be a real visual and musical trip down memory lane for some of us!  Do buy your tickets from Parentpay as soon as possible!

Finally, I am delighted to announce that we have also recruited two new Physics and English members of staff for the start of the new academic year.  Recruitment of staff is tough at the moment and we are so pleased to have secured two very enthusiastic and committed teachers to join the FCC staff.  I am sure that they will fit right in!