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Theme of the week is: self esteem


AS Geography


Examining Board: AQA Specification 7036 (AS) and 7037 (A)


Method of Assessment: 

AS Level (Examined in 2017) 
Component one: 1 h 30 m paper - Physical geography and people and the environment - coastal systems and landscapes, and hazards.

Component two: 1 h 30 m paper – Human geography and geography fieldwork investigation - changing places and contemporary urban environment.


A Level (Examined in 2018) 
Component one: 2 h 30 m paper – Physical geography - coastal systems and landscapes, hazards, water and carbon cycles.

Component two: 2 h 30 m paper – Human geography - global systems and global governance, changing places and contemporary urban environment.

Component three: Geography fieldwork investigation. Students complete an individual investigation which must include data collected in the field written up as a 3,000 – 4,000-word assignment. 

Lesson style 
Variety of teacher led, group discussions, individual research and feedback, use of ICT and GIS. 

Time Allocation 
8 Periods per fortnight (4 Physical and 4 Human lessons taught by subject specialist)


Private Study Requirement 
Each hour in the classroom must be supported by an equivalent hour outside the classroom undertaking individual research, essay and data response, questions and developing fieldwork skills. Keeping abreast of current affairs is beneficial by reading quality newspapers and watching relevant documentaries 

Extra Curricula Opportunities 
Week residential fieldwork at Stackpole, Pembrokeshire to develop fieldwork skills is strongly advised. The field trip delivers the skills element of the specification and prepares students for the investigation component.

Advisable for following careers 
The wide variety of topics studied and skills undertaken means geography is recognised as providing an excellent foundation for many careers in the Arts and Science fields. It gives a unique insight to the environment of today and tomorrow and the impact of human behaviour. Occupations that may interest a geographer are environmental, planning, travel/tourism, development and business jobs.

Good Combination with 
Geography is the only subject that truly combines the Arts and the Sciences. It compliments all curriculum subjects and is the only subject at University that can be awarded with a Batchelor of Arts (BA) or Science (BSc).