School finishes at 3:00pm on Friday 5th April for Easter Holidays. School will re open on Tuesday 23rd April. Week B, Tutor Time P1. HAPPY EASTER!!!!
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Theme of the week is: Celebration

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Summer 2019 - Important Exam Information - Please Read.

On this page you will find all key documents relating to exams.

Exams Certificates for 2016/2017

We still have some exam certificates for leavers in 2016 and 2017 (Y11, Y12 and Y13). For a few of the Y11 leavers we also have yearbooks. As we approach results days for 2018, and another batch of certificates, it would be really good to get the 2016/2017 certificates to their rightful owners. These are important documents and employers/further education establishments often request to see the originals. These documents are expensive to replace (approximately £40 per board). Please do not hesitate to contact the exams office if you have not collected your certificates or remind anyone else who may have forgotten. Sadly, we are only required to keep these certificates for a year and we will need to dispose of any that are left over once the 2018 certificates have arrived. Ros Uren – Exams Officer

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Enquiries After Results (EARS)

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