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Theme of the week is: Celebration

English Literature

AS English Literature


Course Accreditation: AS LEVEL ENGLISH LITERATURE    

Examining Board: AQA

Method of Assessment
Written Examination


Course Content

Ideally for students gaining 2 ‘B’ grades or above in English and English Literature.

Victorian Literature

Unit 1
Reading for Meaning: Close study of poetry of John Clare, plus wider reading

Unit 2
Creative Study: Responses to Victorian Novels and Drama


Lesson style
The lessons will mainly consist of group discussion and close study of set texts but these 
will be augmented by student presentations


Time Allocation: 4 hours per week


Private Study Requirement
Students should be prepared to read independently around their set texts and to peruse 
wider reading from a recommended list. Essays and research tasks will also be set on a 
regular basis


Extra Curricular Opportunities
Visit to Kelmscott House


Advisable for the following careers
Highly regarded by all employers and universities


Good Combination With
All A Level subjects


Link Tutors: Dr G Watson