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English Language & Literature

AS English Language & Literature




Examining Board: Edexcel

Course Content: 

English Language and Literature at AS Level is ideal for students who are good writers, and who enjoy crafting their written work in response to their reading of literary texts. The course is assessed partly by an examination focussing language on the representation of voice in a range of texts, and partly on original writing coursework inspired by reading in the gothic genre.


Unit 1: Exploring Voices in Speech and Writing

60% of AS, 30% of A Level.
2 hours and 15 minutes written examination.
Close reading of one prose text (Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber), and reading from a range of other texts.

Section A will involve the analysis of three short unseen texts, extracts or transcripts from spontaneous and scripted sources. You will discuss how writers and speakers have crafted each text.

Section B will focus on The Bloody Chamber. You will be given an extract from one story, and asked to make comparisons with one other story of your choice. The question will focus on the use of voice, and you will be required to integrate literary and linguistic analysis.


Unit 2: Creating Texts

40% of AS, 20% of A Level.
Coursework – internally assessed, and externally moderated by Edexcel.
Thematic study to produce your own writing for different purposes and audiences.
One prose text (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), one drama text (Steven Berkoff’s Fall of the House of Usher) and one poetry text (Complete Poems of Edgar Allan Poe), plus wider reading as appropriate.


Your coursework folder for Unit 2 must include:

1. One piece written primarily for a reading audience. The suggested word count is 1750.
2. One piece written primarily for a listening audience. The suggested word count is 750.
3. One commentary on the writing process for each piece of work.

Link Tutor: Dr G. Watson