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Dance (GCSE)

Dance GCSE offers students an opportunity to gain a qualification using their creative talents and explore different styles and skills within dance.

As Dance is not studied as a subject within school at KS3 it is very highly recommended that students are very confident with dance or have previous dance experience including attending dance classes outside of school. This will ensure that students have a strong foundation with which to build on in order to ensure success on this challenging course. If you have any questions about your suitability please speak to Miss Whenray.

On the Dance GCSE course group work is essential and therefore students must demonstrate during KS3 that they are capable of working with their classmates in a mature, proactive and supportive manner.

The Dance GCSE course is split into 2 components:

Performance & Choreography (60%)

You will learn a set dance provided by the exam board and will also perform a duet/trio to be examined on your performance ability and technique. These two performances along with the supporting written work will make 30% of the GCSE.

Within this component you will also be required to create a piece of your own original choreography as a solo or group dance. This along with the supporting written evidence will make a further 30% of the GCSE.

Dance Appreciation (40%)

Throughout the course you will study different professional dance works. Along with this you will develop knowledge and understanding of choreographic processes and performing skills. Using this students will complete a written exam at the end of the course which is 40% of the GCSE.


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