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Poetry By Heart finalist

FCC is delighted to announce that Jasmine in Y13 has secured a place in the Poetry By Heart final. This is a commendable achievement, given the prestige and intellectuality associated with the national competition.

On Monday 1st July, Katy Smith – English Teacher – and the rest of the FCC Poetry By Heart entrants (two of whom achieved ‘best in county,’ two of whom achieved ‘highly commended,’ with the rest being ‘commended’) are going to Shakespeare’s Globe in London to see Jasmine perform on the main stage in her bid to reign national poetry champion for the competition.

The FCC Poetry By Heart contestants are all highly talented, remarkable young people, and we are all thoroughly enjoying the Poetry By Heart journey. We are all rooting for Jasmine!

Poetry By Heart is a national competition, in which students learn and recite either one or two renowned poems off by heart with all the emphasis and emotion that the poet intended. The competition is highly prestigious, with famous poets – including poet laureate Simon Armitage – endorsing it.